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November 27, 2019

Best Autumn Destinations in Europe

 Are you a summer person? Or are you a winter person instead?! Whichever person you are or wherever your interests lie.. Interesting is that no one is a an autumn person! Why not? Autumn is the moment of change in the seasons – from hot to cold. The moment leaves drop and the hot chocolate is tasting better than ever!

If you have the opportunity to travel in autumn, Europe is the way to go! The high season with the mass of tourists has just passed. Prices decrease and streets are ready to be photographed again without the large groups of people!

Next to that, the nature is beautiful during the seasonal change. The scenery changes rapidly and new colors come up every week. Now, the atmosphere during the fall period give a different energy to cities. Below you’ll find a list of suggestions for your upcoming autumn adventure!


The beautiful set of ‘Kings landing – GOT’ may be crowded in summer. But the beauty of it stays throughout the months after summer! During this moment you won’t have to struggle for a spot at the beach of the amazing Adriatic coast. What people don’t know is that the water remains its temperature throughout the month September, October and sometimes even the beginning of November. After a long day of strolling around, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice wine in, for example, the ‘Razonoda Wine Bar’. This bar serves close to a 100 different bottles of wines  


Famous for its rich history and being the facto capital of Basque Country. The city of Bilbao is famous for its rich history and a beautiful city. When you are there definitely visit the Guggenheim museum! Enjoy the beauty of – sometimes extraordinary artworks. Afterwards you could wander through old streets of Casco Viejo and be able to enjoy a good glass of wine or cider and taste the amazing ‘Pintxos’. The Basque word for ‘tapas’ is ‘Pintxos’.


The city that seems to be out of a medieval tale. Distinguishable by its canals and characteristic cobbled pavement. Taking the astonishing scenery out of perspective – the city has a rich history that can be experienced when wandering the streets or sailing the canals (visit the ‘Burg’). Besides the fairy tale characteristics of the city, there is an even more important thing to do in Bruges, CHOCOLATE! The Belgians LOVE chocolate, and this can be confirmed when you’ll visit the city or in that case any other city in Belgium. The real chocolate has to add up to certain standards before it could be called ‘Belgian chocolate’. Go and taste it for yourself!



Another gem in along the Adriatic sea. The most romantic city in the world! – or at least they say.. Nowadays filled with tourists during high season. So this is perfect to visit in autumn when it still has a pleasant temperature and the canals are not completely filled with gondolas.

Travel tip: Be aware of ordering fish at restaurants. Some places deem to take advantage of tourists and mess with the prices.


The capital of Austria! In many ways worth a visit. One of the reasons for visiting is because its artistic and intellectual heritage created by its residents Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud. The city is also famous for its imperial palaces such as Schönbrunn, the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. If there is a possibility to visit the state opera you can not miss out on a lifetime experience even though you might go to a rave the same night! Listen to the culture and origin of opera music at its source.


The first thing that we noticed when visiting Prague was. Prague equals> beer, equals> beer garden! And no childish sizes, even for the women, the regular size is 0.5L. So naturally, the first point on the itinerary is grabbing a beer at the beer garden. It is at the top of the ‘Prague 7’ district. Then after a good day of sightseeing and trying the best beers, you can finish your afternoon with some tasty traditional Czech food!  The ones that we really appreciated is ‘Vepro Knedlo Zelo’.



Thanks for the read and keep exploring!


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