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About us

Travelling is one of the most amazing things a person can experience. Travelling on your own or with others, everyone experiences it differently. Backpackers Paradise was founded by a solo-traveller, a young traveller who over and over again, finds the experience of leaving to a new country super scary yet joyful and does not know what will happen. As adventurers, we love to undergo this feeling of stepping out of our comfort zone and not knowing which new experience will be around the corner. Along the way you develop yourself personally in ways you could not have imagined the moment you left. Therefore one of the things we would like to say to you: Get out there, explore, experience new things, meet new people, learn new languages, enjoy the little things on your journey and up and foremost have fun!



Being together or alone, it does not matter. Whether you work while travelling or travel while you work. Good gear is important to your safety and wellbeing. For instance, who likes to take pictures of the great places they’ve been? Or who prefers to have no stress while they leave their hostel and have the comfort of being aware that their belongings are safe? Based on these thoughts we started with the idea of increasing the security and convenience of traveling by searching and bringing (the most) handy gadgets to you. This could help you out and relieve you from the small hiccups that could result in big struggles during your journey.
Imagine things like: Finding out that you’ve lost your plane tickets while standing in front of the check-in, your clothes are soaked after canoeing, you’re phone and money got stolen, your credit card is skimmed, you can’t charge your phone to call friends/family  because you have the wrong plug for the electric socket in the country that you’re in, etc, etc.


(Talking about taking pictures: The person that could not even jump on the count of three is one of our adventurers..)


With the reasons above and a ton more of those little things that could result into a travelling disaster, we founded this store at the start of July 2018. Often you see fellow backpackers with the handiest and astute gadgets which made their day so much easier. On those moments where the thoughts cross your mind like – ‘why did I not think of that?’. Therefore, we have found all the products to complete the perfect packing list. We would love to share these handy products with the people who are on the verge of going on their adventures. 

Our vision is creating a one-stop-shop after which people could have a carefree journey. 

The way of travelling improves continuously, therefore, if you find new tips & tricks or conveniences during travelling we are more than happy to listen to your input. 

'Increase the quality of traveling and enjoying the little things along the way.'   

-TeamBackpackers Paradise-