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Given the shockingly large global impact of increasing pollution and environmental destruction, the requirements of sustainable production become more relevant than ever.

Backpackers Paradise selects her suppliers through a variety of requirements that have to be met. We search for the most convenient products for traveling and leisure and cooperate with suppliers across the world. When our suppliers join our international retail network they fulfill at least three of our six following requirements:

  • Products have not been tested on animals;
  • All products are BPA free;
  • No child labor has been used to benefit the production of a product;
  • Waste reduction is a requirement during production. Whereas suppliers are fully aware of the effective and safe method of waste disposal;
  • Employees are paid accordingly to domestic labor regulations;
  • Renewable energy is used or scheduled to be used for production.

Sustainable Shipping

Together we can preserve our environment. We as a team of international travelers/Our team finds it of utmost importance to help preserve our ecosystem. Hence this philosophy we made a long-term agreement with our suppliers. In order to deliver your products to you, we use a sustainable method of shipping. This method results in more eco-friendly delivery of products. All items are made to order. Each item is individually produced for you at the time of purchase and will usually take 3-14 days to arrive. Completed products will ship directly from our storage facility in the Netherlands. 

Common shipping methods:
Large online stores manage warehouses on their own, ordering products from suppliers or manufacturers that it works with. The next step is the distribution of the products to a local warehouse, followed by distribution to the customer from the local warehouse. This process is illustrated below. 

       +  Fast delivery (An average of 3-8 days)

       -   High storage- and distribution costs
       -   Unnecessary transshipment
       -   High Fuel usage
       -   Increased chance of damaged products
       -   Double import fees


Shipping method of Backpackers Paradise:
With regard to the place where we live all together, called earth. We developed a sustainable shipping method. We deliver your product straight from our suppliers and exclude third parties. This method provides the ability to minimalize storage- and transportation costs. Which results in less pollution and lower prices. However, our shipping times may vary per country considering that we only select certain suppliers which are situated in different countries. 


       +   Better consumer prices
       +   Direct shipping, no third parties
       +   No extra storage costs
       +   Fuel savings
       +   Lower fuel usage

       -   Slower delivery (An average of 4-17 days)
       -   Shipping times differ depending on customs clearance

Free Shipping For Every Adventurer
We do not want you to pay extra for our sustainable shipping method. Therefore, we provide free shipping for all our products!


When your product does not arrive within 30 days after you have placed your order, please contact us through our contact form or send an e-mail to our customer service backpackersparadise-@hotmail.com

We are at your disposal 24/7 except holidays!